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Mage Gear Guides

Brand new mages

Low level mage

Just created your very first mage?

Still running around killing Defias Bandits in Elwynn Forest?

I’m honestly jealous; if I could wipe my memory and relive what you are experiencing for the first time again, I would. Enjoy the early days while you can! They’ll be nostalgic memories before you know it.

Mages are not as gear-dependent while leveling up as a melee class would be. Depending on your play style, you may choose to focus on just burning through the quest content as quickly as your fingers can hit the Frostbolt key, taking whatever loot comes naturally along the way.

If you want a bit of an edge, however, there are several avenues you can take to acquire gear as you level up. This includes seeking out specific quests for their rewards, running low-level dungeons (much easier with Patch 3.3′s Dungeon Finder tool), scanning the Auction House, Heirloom Gear (assuming this is not your first level 80), and even Battlegrounds.

Proceed to the Mage Leveling Gear Guide to learn the specifics.

Fresh level 80 mage

Fresh level 80 mage

Just dinged to level 80 in Storm Peaks?

As fun as the leveling experience is, at least the first time around, the heart and soul of World of Warcraft is really in the end-game. Welcome to Wrath of the Lich King’s maximum level!

You’ve got a lot of gearing ahead of you before you hang the Lich King’s helmet over your fireplace.

By now you’ve got a mish-mash of quest greens and blues. While leagues ahead of their Burning Crusade and Vanilla WoW counterparts, they’re barely good enough for regular dungeon runs, let alone heroics or raids!

The typical progression from questing gear to raiding gear starts with a quick preparation to run heroics, which is usually done so with a combination of optimal quest gear, crafted items, the auction house, and maybe a little bit of reputation grinding. From there, it’s an amazing blur of heroic instance runs before you are responsibly ready to hit raids.

Head on over to the Mage Pre-Raid Gear Guide to get started.

Raiding mage seeking best-in-slot gear

Raiding mage seeking best-in-slot gear

Have you been raiding for months?

Are you trying to reach that ever-elusive goal of having the best gear in the game?

It’s a very difficult task to accomplish, especially since what is best-in-slot for your character changes concurrently with your current gear balance, talent specialization, and even raid buff availability!

However, it is entirely possible to create a gear wish list that represents your character’s maximum potential for the current patch. World of Warcraft character spreadsheets and simulators, like the beloved Rawr, can be used to determine the best combination of gear currently available in-game for your character.

Head on over to the Mage Best-in-Slot Gear Guide to see what’s best for your talent spec as of right now.