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*desolate wind*

Work and school led to me taking a year-long break from WoW. I’ve been doing some casual heroics and LFR now; the latter is really a godsend for busy people like me. Maybe I’ll update the site with updated gear guides. Maybe not! Either way, have fun out there. :)

StarCraft 2 Beta

With my guild switching from raiding to casual, along with the StarCraft 2 Beta coming out, I’ve begun to play WoW a little less. I’ll keep the website up for now, though, as Cataclysm will get things going again for me in WoW. I’ll also leave up all the current content; some of it will [...]

Mage Best In Slot Update Coming Soon for Icecrown Citadel – Frostwing Halls

Work is underway on updating the best-in-slot gear lists to take the new bosses coming tomorrow into account. This month will likely also see the fleshing out of the other less-time sensitive portions of the site, including guides for leveling mages, add-ons, and other assorted advice. I’d also like to take the time to mention [...]

Arcane Mage Best In Slot Icecrown Raid Gear Updated!

I’ve finished updating the Arcane BIS Raid Gear list to take the new Crimson Hall wing of ICC into account. The addition of several new items into the pool of currently acquirable gear has thrown the BIS list for a bit of a loop. Specifically, the equipping of a newly available necklace from Blood-Queen Lana’thel [...]

Mage Best-in-Slot Pre-Raid 3.3 Gear Guide Updated!

I’ve updated the guide to pre-raid gear for Arcane mages with the current (reasonably acquirable) best-in-slot combination of gear that can prepare a fresh level 80 mage for raiding. This guide will eventually be expanded with some general reputation/enchant advice, along with alternatives depending on playstyle. Head on over to the Mage Pre-Raid Gear Guide [...]

Arcane BIS Gear Updated for new Icecrown Citadel Bosses

I’ve updated the Arcane Mage Best-in-Slot Gear Guide to take into account the three new Icewing Citadel normal-mode encounters: Rotface, Festergut, and Professor Putricide. Notable new items include the Plague Scientist’s Boots and the Corpse-Impaling Spike. Net effect of these items having been added to the set: 251.29 DPS increase. I will update the .gif [...]

Still under construction!

Just finished recovering from a fairly rough cold. As you probably know a new wing of Icecrown Citadel opened up this Tuesday, which will have a definite effect on the Mage Best-In-Slot Gear Guide. I’ll have that updated, and hopefully more content on the rest of the website itself, once most of the gear data [...]

Theorycrafting underway – Still more construction!

Hi folks! Hope you’re all having a happy holiday season. I just finished theorycrafting the best-in-slot gear combination for all mage specs, including the first four bosses in ICC 25. The results will be up later this holiday weekend. Here’s a sneak-peak at the results: Arcane: 12034.57 DPS, Fire: 11498.95 DPS, Frostfire: 10858.17 DPS, Frost: [...]

Current BIS Gear Guide Complete

Hi folks, It’s very much placeholder quality, but I’ve updated my Mage Best-in-Slot Gear Guide for Arcane mages. It’s current as of 12/23/2009, for all currently available gear, with the exception of ToC tribute runs, which I’m guessing most guilds will skip on at this point. Pretty .gif of the current BIS set:

Mage Gear Guide section complete

The introductory portion of the Mage Gear Guide is complete! It outlines the three gear guides that are currently in the works: A gear guide for mages as they level their way to 80. A gear guide for fresh level 80 mages looking to prepare for heroics and raids. A gear guide for raiding mages [...]