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Theorycrafting underway – Still more construction!

Hi folks! Hope you’re all having a happy holiday season.

I just finished theorycrafting the best-in-slot gear combination for all mage specs, including the first four bosses in ICC 25.

The results will be up later this holiday weekend.

Here’s a sneak-peak at the results:

Arcane: 12034.57 DPS, Fire: 11498.95 DPS, Frostfire: 10858.17 DPS, Frost: 10227.85 DPS

Mages are probably the closest to having balanced talent tree choices as they ever have been, but we’re still a bit off.

Hopefully I can find the time to put all the content I want to place on this site sometime in the next few weeks; some poor sucker already found it by seaching “pre raid 3.3 best in slot mage gear” as the site’s already been indexed by Google. The poor sod was greeted with a “Under construction!” page.

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